About Blueblood Solutions

Blueblood has been supplying proactive, high level IT support to Canberra organisations and businesses since 1996.

Our many years of experience gives you the advantage and confidence that your IT needs will be expertly addressed and fully supported.

Our Mission

Blueblood’s mission is to provide you with the highest level of experienced IT support, ensuring your systems remain secure and reliable.

We go that extra mile ensuring your business keeps pace with technology.

Why Us

Lasting Business Relationships

We form long-term business relationships with our customers.

No fixed term contracts

We believe in the quality of our solutions and customer satisfaction so strongly, that we do not have any lock in contracts.

No hidden costs

We tell you what our different services include and exclude upfront.

Reliable Support

We provide reliable support services over a large range of software solutions.

Proactive Support

We pay attention to the details, providing a proactive approach to IT management, ensuring your systems continue to run smoothly.

A range of support services to suit your needs

We provide support services that suit different sized organisations with varying budgets.