How We Do It

To deliver our IT support services Blueblood implements the latest in IT management software. This allows us to monitor and proactively maintain your systems. The end result is a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that you can trust.

Managed Services

When you become a Blueblood client we install a Software Agent on each of the workstations and server/s. This allows Blueblood to manage all your IT support remotely, keeping your systems running smoothly and securely.

Remote Support

If a problem arises all you have to do is email or call us and we'll fix it. With your authorisation and using our unique Software Agent a Blueblood technician will access your PC remotely and fix the problem.

On-Site Support

If the problem can't be solved remotely then a Blueblood technician will be scheduled to fix onsite. Blueblood also offers after-hours and emergency response as required.

Blueblood can cater to your IT Support requirements, view our IT Support pricing for more information.

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