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Other Services

Other Services


Blueblood Solutions also provides a range of services designed to complement our main monthly service options.

Systems Review

Systems Review

Blueblood Solutions are about ensuring you have reliable IT systems working effectively for your business. Our experience and knowledge means you’ll get the right advice on the hardware and software you need to minimise costs and increase productivity.


To recommend the right IT support solutions for you we need to understand your IT environment and business requirements. Our Systems Review service is aimed at ensuring we gather the necessary information to allow us to recommend appropriate solutions.

Hardware and Software Sales and Installation

Hardware and Software Sales and Installation

We partner with leading vendors to bring you the best solutions on the market. From sophisticated hardware solutions to general software licensing, we understand all aspects of ICT. We can provide complete solutions including supply and installation of hardware and software, from the design phase, right through to end user support.

Domains, DNS, Email and Web Hosting Services

Domains, DNS, Email and Web Hosting Services

Our primary business is not providing these services.  However, where it makes sense due to our client relationship, we are able to provide these services to keep them in one place, reducing the need for our clients to have to liaise with multiple providers.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Blueblood provides consulting services from assessment of IT infrastructure needs, issue identification, preparation of recommendations through to implementation and testing of the recommended solutions. 


Blueblood has a broad range of consulting experience across the following areas:

Server and workstation hardware and software

Network infrastructure

Email and internet connectivity

Print services

Backup and disaster recovery

IT Documentation

Cloud Licensing and Migrations

Cloud Licensing and Migrations

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For customers wishing to move to a cloud-based environment, Blueblood offers Office365 licensing services. Blueblood also provides migration services to move clients from an MS Exchange email environment to an Office365 implementation. Data migrations are also on offer.

Bonding Implementation Service

Bonding Implementation Service

Need faster internet? Sick of costly internet outages? 


Blueblood Solutions can provide a bonding solution to combine multiple internet connections for both speed and redundancy.


The Blueblood Bonding service includes:

Initial site inspection and meeting

Liaison with the bonding service provider for provisioning

DNS and other configuration changes required for implementation of the service

Setup of reverse DNS records (if required)

Second site visit to install a bonding device and reconfigure existing network equipment

Email Filtering and Virus Protection

Email Filtering and Virus Protection


Blueblood Solutions can provide virus protection licensing as well as cloud-based email filtering solutions which prevent spam and viruses from reaching your email server.


Datto Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Blueblood Solutions provides comprehensive backup and disaster recovery services using robust Datto technology. Datto builds the world’s easiest to manage and most dependable business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) products available today. They offer data protection solutions for businesses of every size, regardless of infrastructure, with scalable storage options and extremely fast recovery times.


Datto Continuity solutions offer automated local backup on robust hardware purpose-built for data protection and replication to the secure Datto Cloud. In the event of an outage, Blueblood can boot virtual machines directly from the Datto device or in the cloud, allowing businesses to return to operations quickly. Datto’s innovative technology makes delivering disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) easier than ever. Datto is Total Data Protection.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

Magnifying Glass Investigate System Activity

Blueblood Solutions can provide the tools and services that provide visibility into the security of your IT environment.  Our service collects and stores security data from log files for analysis and reporting on security related threats and events.  A centralised interface as well as real-time systems monitoring and alerting provides notifications about security incidents such as unauthorised systems access and potentially malicious activities. 

For more details, please check out our dedicated site Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for SMEs 

Other Services Brochure

To download Blueblood's Other Services brochure, please click on the attachment icon to the left.

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